Rumor: Rudy Gay To The Bulls?

I read an article about the Bulls inability to trade over the past 12 years. They either get their players from the draft (ex. Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson etc.) or Free Agency (Pau Gasol). Possibly the Bulls could finally do some trading to potentially get Rudy Gay from the Sacramento Kings. To match up the contract of Rudy Gay, the Bulls could trade Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott. That’s not saying the Kings or the Bulls would agree to the trade, that’s just a trade that makes the contracts match up. I saw another article on bleacher report of a writer that said trading for Rudy Gay would be a bad idea. I disagree. I see his points that he makes. When teams trade Gay away, they improve. Look at the Grizzlies and then the Toronto Raptors for instance. But, I think trading for Gay would benefit the Bulls. Here’s my reasons:

In his 9 year career, Gay has averaged 21.1ppg. Now his scoring may not of been the most efficient scoring, but for the most part of his career, he’s been a #1 guy. If he comes to this Bulls squad, he’s a #3 or a #4 guy behind Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, and potentially Jimmy Butler. If he’s not willing to accept that to compete for a championship, it’s as simple as don’t trade for him. A potential starting lineup of Rose, Butler, Gay, Gasol, and Noah sounds scary. Small ball has been popular with some teams and I believe Gay could switch to the 4 spot to play alongside Rose, Butler, Dunleavy, and Gasol.

Insurance for Derrick Rose. Spoiler alert: Rose’s knees are a liability. You never know. Something could happen to Rose where he has to miss some time. Bulls are injury prone over the last couple of years. A 20ppg scorer in both Butler and Gay as well as Pau Gasol who averaged 18.5ppg will make you breathe easier if Rose goes down. Bulls have the same team as last year and do you know where that got us? Eliminated by LeBron James once again. Throw Gay into the picture real quick. Butler not only had to play defense against LeBron, but we needed his offense as well. Let Butler focus on defense on LeBron and let Rose, Gay, and Gasol focus on the offense. What if? Would the Bulls be playing against the Warriors in the NBA Finals instead of the Cavaliers? Quite possibly. The article I read said that Butler is a 20ppg scorer so why do we need another? Well it took nearly 39 minutes per game to do that. We CANNOT rely on Butler to keep playing the amount of minutes Thibodeau made him play. Hopefully Hoiberg addresses that but then Butler might not be a 20 point scorer anymore.

To make this short, I will list one more reason. Taj Gibson is coming off of ankle surgery and he’s 30. I love Taj. I love what he brings to the table offensively and defensively but like I said, he had ankle surgery and he’s 30 so who knows how he performs. His trade value is decently high so why not bring in a guy like Rudy Gay incase Taj dramatically declines and his trade value becomes nothing. McDermott, it is hard to talk about. Thibodeau refused to play him so we don’t know his ceiling really so trading him might be hard but I believe if the Kings were to accept a Taj-Doug trade for Rudy Gay, The Bulls should pull the plug. Let me know in the comments whether you agree or disagree. Let’s have some debates!


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