Making The Case To Retire Kirk Hinrich’s Jersey

With Kirk Hinrich being traded once again to the Atlanta Hawks at 35 years old, one can assume that that is the last time Kirk Hinrich will ever play in a Bulls jersey again. When you think of the Chicago Bulls you automatically think of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson (etc.). Another underrated name that should come up is Kirk Hinrich.

I do not plan on getting real deep into the per game averages of each year for the sake of making this article extremely long. With that said, let us get down to the important numbers and points for Hinrich having his jersey retired.

Hinrich was drafted, in 2003, in the 1st round, 7th pick by the Chicago Bulls. He played for the Chicago Bulls from 2003-2010. The 2010-2011 season he played for the Atlanta Hawks after being acquired by them. From ’03-’10, he averaged about 33.6 MPG, 13.2 PPG, 5.7 APG, and 1.3 SPG while shooting  about .416% from the field and about .380% from the three point line.

’10-’11 he played for the Atlanta Hawks for 24 games, started 22 of them, and then was traded to the Washington Wizards where he played 48 games and started 29 of them. For the ’11-’12 season he was back in Atlanta where he played 48 games and started 31 of them.

Finally, in the ’12-’13 season, he returned to the Chicago Bulls. He played with the Chicago Bulls until the 2015-2016 season, where he was just traded to the Atlanta Hawks yet again. In his second stint with the Bulls, he put up averages of about 24.7 MPG 6.6 PPG, 3.3 APG, and 0.82 SPG, while shooting .385% from the field and .374% from the three point line.

Over the course of his Bulls career, he has left his mark on the franchise. Growing up seeing him in his later years, I will remember him for his toughness on the defensive end. Back in his younger days he was an adequate scorer as well as a three point shooter.

Now, let’s get into why Hinrich (as well as some other Bulls but this article is not about them) should get his #12 jersey retired with the Chicago Bulls greats. Get ready for this list. This list will contain numbers that pertain to Bulls franchise history. Hinrich ranks #10 in win shares (47.7). He ranks #8 in field goals made (3,101) and total points (8,536). Hinrich ranks #7 in assists per game (5.1), assist percentage (26.6%), and defensive win shares (28.7). Do not worry. We are not done yet. Continuing along, he ranks #4 in minutes played (23,545). He’s 3rd in games played (748), total assists (3,811), and steals (857). Lastly, he ranks #1 in three point field goals (1,049).

Hinrich is loved by this city and by his teammates. My mind automatically shoots to just a couple days ago when the Bulls played the Hawks. Bulls players one-by-one came over to him and greeted, as well as chatted, with him before the game. This city and his teammates have nothing but love for Hinrich. He has quite a resume in Bulls history as well. He gave it his all  on offense and defense, everytime I saw him on the court. I will finish this article with my opinion. I believe that one day Hinrich should return to the Bulls court once more and watch his jersey be retired into the rafters amongst the Bulls greats. Good luck in Atlanta and good luck with the rest of your career ‘Captain Kirk.’




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