Predicting the Landing Spot of Top 50 Free Agents (UPDATED)

On May 14, 2016, Dan Favale — of Bleacher Report — wrote an article depicting his Top 50 Free Agents going into the 2016 offseason. I took that list from his article and tried to predict where I thought all 50 of those guys are going to sign. All these predictions are barring any trade that may happen, like the Celtics with their three 1st round picks that they may be actively shopping. Every year there are theories about where the top free agents will go and usually they never end up where there are suppose to be and end up where they were the whole time. I believe I made some interesting picks here and I believe this will be a fun article to stay tuned too so let’s get right in it.

** some of my sources come from Some stats come from ESPN &** 

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