Every Team’s Most Likely All-Star (Western Conference)

All-Star season is approaching! Not every deserving All-Star will make the roster. Due to that, I have decided to look at every team in the NBA and vote for who I think is their most likely All-Star. Per game averages and advanced statistics were the deciding factor for most of these picks. Meanwhile, legacy and popularity played a role in some of the other picks. … Continue reading Every Team’s Most Likely All-Star (Western Conference)

One Player Every NBA Team Would Love to Move (Northwest Division Edition)

Mostly every team in the NBA contains a player with a large contract that is not living up to it. There are three main causes for why this may be. Players are not living up to the hype surrounding them, injuries are taking a toll on their body physically and mentally, and aging players find themselves amidst a rebuild. This is not a trade rumor … Continue reading One Player Every NBA Team Would Love to Move (Northwest Division Edition)

Top 5 Centers Heading into 2017-2018

Top 5 Point Guards Top 5 Shooting Guards Top 5 Small Forwards  Top 5 Power Forwards  The Miami Heat started off the season playing as one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference. After the All-Star break, the Miami Heat absolutely caught fire and sustained one of the best records in the second half of the season. A big contributing reason to this team … Continue reading Top 5 Centers Heading into 2017-2018

Top 5 Shooting Guards Heading into 2017-2018

In case you are reading this specific article before the Top 5 Point Guards Heading into 2017-2018 article, I will explain everything stated in the previous article. I have gone through each position and came up with my top five for each position heading into the new season that starts October 17. There are a couple things that came into the thought process of deciding … Continue reading Top 5 Shooting Guards Heading into 2017-2018

Western Conference Predictions

September is upon us. We are almost a month away until the NBA regular season begins. This season looks to be a good one with quite a few top players wearing new jerseys next season. There are a few cuts and additions to make (and an impending decision on Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony that may impact teams like the Houston Rockets) that likely will not move the needle for teams that much. With that being said, here are predictions for the Western Conference on where I believe, seeding wise, the teams will finish.

** Stats come from ESPN.com **

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Trending Upwards/Downwards/Neutral for Upcoming Season (Western Conference Edition)

As I am sure you read in the title, this article will be my opinion on whether teams are trending upwards, downwards, or neutral for this coming season. Now, some factors go into this decision. My decision on what trending grade they receive deals with how much better they will be from last year to this year. None of my trending decisions will factor on success in a couple years. It deals with, ‘will they be better than last season?’ So, with that being said, it is time to get right into my opinion for Western Conference Teams. 

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Comparing Teams’ Last Season’s Records vs This Season’s Records

* RECORDS COME FROM ESPN.COM Eastern Conference: Atlanta Hawks Last Season = 60-22 This Season = 48-34 (-12 wins) Boston Celtics Last Season = 40-42 This Season = 48-34 (+8 wins)  Brooklyn Nets Last Season = 38-44 This Season = 21-61 (-17 wins) Charlotte Hornets Last Season = 33-49 This Season = 48-34 (+15 wins) Chicago Bulls Last Season = 50-32 This Season = 42-40 … Continue reading Comparing Teams’ Last Season’s Records vs This Season’s Records

Beginning of Season Predictions vs End of Season Standings

My Beginning of Season Eastern Conference Predictions:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Chicago Bulls
  3. Atlanta Hawks
  4. Toronto Raptors
  5. Washington Wizards
  6. Milwaukee Bucks
  7. Miami Heat
  8. Indiana Pacers
  9. Boston Celtics
  10. Brooklyn Nets
  11. Detroit Pistons
  12. Charlotte Hornets
  13. Orlando Magic
  14. New York Knicks
  15. Philadelphia 76ers

End of Season Eastern Conference Standings:
(+or- represents difference from my prediction)

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers (+-0)
  2. Toronto Raptors (+2)
  3. Miami Heat (+4)
  4. Atlanta Hawks (-1)
  5. Boston Celtics (+4)
  6. Charlotte Hornets (+6)
  7. Indiana Pacers (+1)
  8. Detroit Pistons (+3)
  9. Chicago Bulls (-7)
  10. Washington Wizards (-5)
  11. Orlando Magic (+2)
  12. Milwaukee Bucks (-6)
  13. New York Knicks (+1)
  14. Brooklyn Nets (-4)
  15. Philadelphia 76ers (+-0)

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Final Picks for Award Winners

Who will be the Most Improved Player, Sixth Man of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, and Most Valuable Player? Well, I cannot answer that question with the correct answer, but instead, I will give you my choices for each award. This season has been fun and historic, but it is coming to a close. The Spurs tied for the most home wins in a season, the Warriors are going for a record 73 wins, and finally, Kobe is mortal and plays in his final NBA game tonight. Let’s see who wins some awards (hypothetically) in this historic season.


Most Improved Player

#3: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)-

The Greak Freak! A possible point guard next season? That is scary for teams since he is an athletic 6’11”, 222lbs monster. His season was pretty good. The Bucks? Not so much. That is why he takes a hit here and sits at #3. The Bucks finished with a 33-48 record and did not make the playoffs after making the playoffs last season.

Giannis  did not dissapoint this season. He was a huge bright spot for this Bucks squad. Giannis (with one more game to go) put up 21 double-doubles and 5 triple-doubles. His minutes went from 31.4 to 35.4. He increased his scoring from 12.7 to 16.8. His rebounds increased from 6.7 to 7.6. His assists increased from 2.6 to 4.3. His steals and blocks also increased from 0.9 to 1.2 and 1.0 to 1.4 respectively. Although he still shot it poorly from the three, he grew upon his field goal percentage, three point percentage, and free throw percentage. His percentages went from .491% to .507% (field goal %), .159% to .260% (three point %), and .741% to .721% (free throw %). He was good enough to be considered for this award.

#2: Hassan Whiteside (Miami Heat)-  

Hassan has played in 72 games (with one left to go) this season. He has started 42 of those. I believe not being a starter hinds his MIP case. He has been a major factor for the Miami Heat as they make it to the playoffs this season. Currently, the Heat are sitting at #3 in the Eastern Conference with a 48-33 record. Now let’s get back to Hassan Whiteside.

The only major stat that he did not increase is field goal percentage. Hassan’s minutes per game have been upped from 23.8 to 29.1. His points per game increased from 11.8 to 14.2. His rebounds per game went up from 10.0 to 11.9, which is third in the NBA this season. His blocks per game went from 2.6 to a crazy 3.7, which is first in the NBA. DeAndre Jordan is second and he only has 2.3. Hassan has also put up three games this season where he accomplished a triple-double, as well as 41 double-doubles. Like I said earlier, his field goal percentage declined from .628% to .606%, still putting him at #3 in the NBA. Whiteside has quite a resume for him to possibly win MIP.

#1: C.J. McCollum (Portland Trail Blazers)-

What if I told you that the Blazers were not expected to make the playoffs after losing 4/5 of their starters? What if I told you that the Blazers did not care about that. The Blazers will be the 5th or the 6th seed in the playoffs with a record of either 44-38 or 43-39 with one game to go. Damian Lillard was amazing this season as the only remaining starter for the Blazers squad. Another reason why they are so good this season is their shooting guard, C.J. McCollum. Wesley Matthews went to the Dallas Mavericks, allowing C.J. McCollum to slide over to the starting shooting guard spot. Lillard and McCollum are a dangerous backcourt. Let’s not focus on Lillard right now because this is about his teammate, my pick for Most Improved Player.

McCollum has increased his stats across the board. With Matthews departure, his minutes per game increased from 15.7 to 34.8, and he did not disappoint. His points per game increased from 6.8 to 20.9. His rebounds per game went from 1.5 to 3.2. His assists went from 1.0 to 4.3. His steals went from 0.7 to 1.2. He increased all of his percentages as well. His field goal % went from .436% to .448%. His three point % went from .396% to .421%. Lastly, his free throw % went from .699% to .827%. Those number increases, the fact he went from a bench player to a starter due to a starter moving on, and the fact that he has answered the call and helped Lillard lead this team to a playoff seed when they were counted out in the beginning of the season, means he should win this award.

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My Beginning of Season Predictions vs Actual Standings (Western Conference Edition)

At the beginning of the season I made predictions of where I thought the NBA teams would end up in their respective conferences. I thought it would be fun to compare those predictions to where the NBA teams actually rank since the All-Star Break is upon us. With the Eastern Conference Edition already published, it is time to compare for the Western Conference.

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